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Pre-Congress Workshops (May 15, 2019):


ARAL 2019 will provide an intensive one-day lecture workshop on priority areas designed to produce clear Action Research Plan at the end of the day.  The lecture-workshop will involve the following procedure:

-    Conceptualization of topics

-    Brainstorming/round-table discussions on issues concerning AR 

-    ‘writing’ the AR plan

-    presentation of outputs

-    critiquing of outputs 

The following strands and the facilitators:


1.    AR in Math

2.    AR in Science

3.    AR in Languages 

4.    AR in Educational Technology

5.    AR in Educational Leadership


•    Attendance to the workshops requires pre-registration. Only 40 participants can be accommodated per workshop.

•    A ‘Certificate of Attendance’ will be given to workshop participants for a particular workshop they attended.

•    Congress fee covers snacks, lunch, and certificate

•    A participant can attend one workshop only. 




Workshop 1

Action Research in Math

Action Research in Situations in Teaching Mathematics


Levi Esteban Elipane

De La Salle University



WS Description: 


This workshop will tackle how to get teachers acquainted with mathematics in ways that are useful in their teaching. In this regard, strategies on how to investigate mathematical understanding for teaching would commence by drawing on the practices of the teacher-participants. A set of practice-based situations in mathematics classrooms will be privileged in order for the participants to gauge the depth of their understandings in the subject matter that they teach. Later on, the participants will create or think of situations that could be useful for deeper treatment of certain mathematical organizations during classroom instruction. Through this workshop, the participants would be invited to look back into their own classroom practices, and put them into surveillance. In this way, they will be informed and guided on how they would design and analyze their lessons and their teaching practices.


Workshop 2

Action Research in Science

Action Research for Continuous Improvement: 

Focus on ARTiST Project


Socorro E. Aguja

De La Salle Araneta University


WS Description:


The workshop will elucidate on the conduct of Action Research as a reflective process that teachers can employ to assess the impact of their teaching and to systematize continuous improvement of professional practices. The PLAN-DO-STUDY-ACT model will be presented as a practical and relevant process of conducting action research. The PDSA model emphasizes the need to form a professional learning community in every school, where teachers, administrators, parents and students work together to seek out best practices, test them in the classroom, continuously improve practices, and focus on results. The workshop will involve activities on how to begin the Action Research process and presentation of outputs of the workshop participants. The workshop will also focus on the ARTiST Project, a global AR project funded by Erasmus Foundation, which aims to improve the teaching of Science.




Socorro Agujais currently a professor at the Graduate Schools of St. Paul University-Manila and De La Salle-Araneta University. Previously, she has held professorial posts at the Institute of Arts and Sciences of the FEU Manila and at the Science Education Department of De La Salle University-Manila. Dr. Aguja has also served as the Graduate Studies Coordinator (Coordinadora do Mistrado) at the Catholic University of Mozambique in Cuamba, Mozambique during her 3-year assignment as a VSO volunteer in Mozambique, Africa from AY2006-2009. Dr. Aguja obtained her Ph.D. in Horticulture and her MS in Agriculture (Citriculture) from the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences and College of Agriculture of the Ehime University in Japan, respectively, as a Japan Ministry of Education (MONBUSHO) Scholar. While her undergraduate degree in Agriculture, major in Plant Protection and Plant Pathology as her specialization, was completed at the then Visayas State College of Agriculture (VISCA) now known as Visayas State University (VSU) under a COCOFED Scholarship Grant. Dr. Aguja is also very active in volunteering work involving community development initiatives, climate change and in science education particularly on technology integration.


Workshop 3

Action Research in Languages

Action Research in English Language Teaching:  

Prospects, Processes and Plans 


Ma. Joahna Mante-Estacio

De La Salle University


WS Description:


The one-day workshop will engage the participants to conceptualize and brainstorm possible Action Research topics after inputs from the facilitator and discussion with fellow participants covering topics such as setting Action Research objectives, and implementation strategies. With a clear understanding of the concepts and procedure in doing Action Research, the participants should be able to present a brief Action Plan which will be commented on and evaluated by the facilitator by the end of the workshop.




Ma. Joahna Mante-Estacioteaches English and methodology courses in both undergraduate and Graduate levels at De La Salle University, Manila. She conductsteacher training,writestextbooks and modules, and conducts studies on reading, literacy, and teacher education. For several years now, she has been mentoring Education students in doing their Action Research and has conducted teacher training on the same topic.


Workshop 4

Action Research in Educational Technology



Action Research in Educational Technology


Jasper Vincent Q. Alontaga

De La Salle University



WS Description: 


The seminar-workshop will focus on the role of educational technology in action research, and vice versa. Participants will examine technology options to challenges towards a more responsive 21st century teaching and learning. Participants are expected to bring their own device during the session.




Jasper Vincent Q. Alontagais Associate Professor in the ELMD at DLSU Manila, handling educational technology for both undergraduate and graduate programs. He is currently the Assistant Director of the Academic Support for Instructional Services and Technology (ASIST), DLSU. He also served as Head of the Institute of Technology-based learning in Jose Rizal University in charge of managing the design, development and evaluation of computer assisted instructional modules and blended learning courses. He is involved in various e-learning initiatives and researches such as the Computer Use in Internet Shops and E-learning readiness, Establishing An E-Learning Outreach Program for Public Basic Education in the Philippines, and Acceptance of pre-service teachers towards Google for Education online training modules. He is also an associate member of the UNESCO-RDTC Philippines University Network. He earned his PhD in Special Education at the University of the Philippines – Diliman.


Workshop 5

Action Research in Educational Leadership


Promoting Contemporary Learning Environments 

through Action Research


Abdul Jhariel Osman, PhD

De La Salle University 



WS Description: 


This pre-congress workshop is an attempt to promote contemporary learning environments through action research. This is an invitation to teachers and educational managers who wish to improve school conditions that puzzle them and who have burning questions about their practice and how their practice affects their students who are growing up in a different environment and mindset. This workshop encourages teachers and educational managers to reflect on their own experiences in their workplace and explore what might change through their deliberate action. 


This workshop introduces the Gen Z, explains the relevance of action research, and its purpose. In this workshop, the processes of action research and what it can offer to teachers and educational managers will also be described. It will help the participants in articulating the context and purpose of the action research, in diagnosing, in planning action, in taking action and evaluating, and in reflecting on content, process and premise issues on how an action research is undertaken.





Abdul Jhariel M. Osman, the Assistant Dean for External Affairs and Lasallian Mission of the Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education (BAGCED) of De La Salle University, and the coordinator for the Educational Leadership and Management program. He is a full time faculty and an assistant professor of the Educational Leadership and Management Department. He obtained his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Management from De La Salle University. He is an active member of the technical team of BAGCED who initiated the internationalization of education with educational institutions in Thailand and in other ASEAN countries. His areas of research interests include educational leadership and management, education innovation, entrepreneurship education, learner-centered teaching, teaching Mathematics, teacher training, action research, quantitative research, and qualitative research. At the Social Development Research Center (SDRC), he had co-authored the research project, “Understanding the Context of Lack of Interest among Out-of-School Youth: The Experiences of Public Secondary Schools in Manila and Calamba” and published it. He has also completed a project entitled “Overseas Training and Support Services for Participants Under Teaching Quality Improvement II in Secondary Educational Project, Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, Ministry of Education” under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation and the University Research Coordination Office. More so, as a co-author, he published the study, “Effects of Knowledge Channel Videos on the Achievement of Students in Various Learning Environments.” He had been part also of various completed research projects, namely: “LGU Efforts in Serving as Transit Station for Displaced Persons: Experiences of Hilongos and Ormoc Municipalities,” “Qualitative Research on Conflict of Interest (COI) in Infant and Young Child Nutrition among Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Professional Societies,” and “Developing Competencies of Middle Level Health Workers and Maximizing their Roles in Task-sharing in the Philippines.” At present, he is part of the research team for the project, “Capacity Building in Asia for Resilience Education.” Concurrently,  he is conducting the study, “Exploring Teacher Resilience Promoting Factors: The Case of Public School Teachers in Manila.”

Workshop 6


Assessing non-intellective outcomes in classroom action research


Christine Joy A. Ballada

De La Salle University



WS Description: 


Teacher-researchers often target academic achievement as an important outcome of an action research.  However, other non-intellective constructs like motivation, engagement, self-regulation, and academic self-efficacy are also important student outcomes.  This workshop aims to discuss non-intellective constructs that may be salient outcomes in classroom action research.  The workshop focuses on tools that may be used to assess these constructs.  At the end of the workshop, it is hoped that the participants will be able to (1) identify student’s outcomes other than academic achievement in their action research, and (2) adapt or design measures to assess these student outcomes.



Christine Joy A. Ballada is a full-time faculty of the Counseling and Educational Psychology Department of De La Salle University-Manila.  She teaches graduate level courses in Statistics, Assessment, Scale Development, Learner-Centered Teaching, and Action Research.  She holds a PhD in Educational Psychology and a MS in Educational Measurement and Evaluation from DLSU-Manila.




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